As consumers become increasingly committed to protecting their environment, the demand for sustainable packaging will increase. Retailers who use environmentally friendly products will distinguish themselves from competitors.

Biodegradable Products are made of health conscious natural fibers, such as sugarcane, grass and reed plasma. Given that raw materials are available in China, we are able to remain competitive without exploiting the natural environment or disrupting the ecological system. Therefore the product is a total green product and is the best substitute for non-environmental friendly products, such as Styrofoam/ plastic.

The biodegradable container packaging material consists of three major contents of ingredients, 96% natural fibers, 2.3% water and a biodegradable mixture. It can withstand hot and cold food, unlike traditional rigid packaging. Our greenways products are biodegradable and water, soil, and garbage.

Are environmentally friendly products are especially designed to cope with current ecological issues. The product has been invented with substances that are sustainable and flexible in meeting different design and formats.

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