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  • Mark Penhashian


  • Mourice Penhasian

    Vice President



Since our inception in 1987 we had a vision to satisfy the ever-present demand for disposable foodservice products.  The business concept, that of a wholesaler/distributor and general trading house remains unchanged through the evolution of the Company into a recognized name among its peers and also getting the attention of the giants in the Foodservice Industry.

Our customer base aside from Universities and Educational Institutions,  includes well recognized names in every segment of the Industry, encompassing local and national supermarket accounts, catering houses, food processors, bakeries, restaurant chains, fast food outlets, hotels and hospitality,  government institutions, and janitorial services.  Import and Exports have always been part of the Company’s activities and lately it’s become an integral part of the business as the Company expands its list of trading partners to include the former Soviet Union, England, Hawaii, Philippines, the Far East, Argentina, Tahiti and U.S. territories of Guam and the Virgin Islands.

On the sourcing side, the Company is a member of Afflink, the largest buying group of its kind and a subsidiary of Performance Foodservice and an envied member to the Blackstone family of Companies. Afflink has been making a difference in the supply chain for more than 32 years, creating healthier, more sustainable business partners by staying true to their sole mission of being the preeminent provider of innovative business solutions.

In addition to our 4,000 plus list of stock items, we can also produce custom and proprietary items to suit your specific needs.   We offer the convenience of daily deliveries to your area, being it is one of our larger concentrations of clients or if not in stock, a special order item or a sample request, it can be dropped ship to you directly from the factory.

As well, we have a website that you can avail yourselves of to see the latest product line offerings.

Superior has always been in the forefront of the Green movement beginning as far back as 2002 being one of the first importers of Polylactide (PLA) Biodegradable products. Since that time we have seen remarkable technological advances in PLA and plant base renewable resources used to make fiscally and environmentally responsible products.  We strive to meet the ever growing demand for renewable Earth friendly products that have a high degree of sustainability and remain committed to the social as well as corporate responsibility of protecting our local communities as well as our environment.  In conjunction with many of our customers and business partners we all have incorporated this philosophy and mandate in our Company culture.